Unemployment and the Job world.

So most people nowadays who are unemployed and have applied to numerous jobs have realised some rather disturbing things. Well this blog post is going to shed some light on the most critical of problems i've experienced with trying to recover from unemployment.

1. Companies want you to have a car

Yes, you heard me right. It doesn't matter if its McDonalds, Walmart, CVS, or some big time or even small time company. They don't want to hear that you will walk to work or catch public transportation as both of these options are unreliable. The job you are looking to get will most likely look at other candidates the moment they hear you don't have a car, even if they are an equal opportunity employer.

2. Companies don't want to see a school that is or has been under investigation for federal crimes on your resume

I'm sure some of you know that I went to ITT Tech for my associates and part of my bachelors and got completely worthless degress and the numerous lawsuits against them that will just keep increasing. I'm 50k+$ in debt thanks to ITT and have no job to show for it. My life is in shambles and ITT lied to me. Well guess what, the moment an employer sees a school like ITT on your resume, even if they already have employees from said school, your chances of getting the job have already been shoved to the bottom.

3. No real job experience due to circumstances in your life when you were a teenager will not get you any sympathy from an employer

Employeers don't really care why you have no job experience, all they care about is that you have no job experience. Take me for example, I was in a treatment facility from 12 to 17 for several bad choices I made as a child, during which time the only thing I got help with was therapy and social skills training. Right before I turned 18 I was placed into foster care for which I got no real help in finding a job or with anything at all really up until I aged out at 21. I was hired as a Federal Work Study at ITT in the middle of my associates degree because the director noticed I was good with computers, the money I received was used to pay my phone bill while I struggled to find a real job to be able to sustain myself after I turned 21.
Most employers refuse to give me the time of day because I have no real work experience. Work experience is key to getting a new job or any job for that matter.

This about raps up my post so I'm going to end it with this.

I'm about to turn 22 on october 13th and I've been looking for a job since I turned 18. I'm unemployed and about to be homeless while I desperately try to hold onto my life thats crumbling before me as I lean on family and freinds whom I've known for either a long time or I met before I aged out of the system. The job world doesn't care about my situation at all, but what about you guys reading this post. Do You care about my situation?