One of the Greatest startup removal programs for windows. (even though i'm a linux person)

So recently i was messing around on my sisters laptop and noticed that her startup time was absolutely horrific. Now being previously IT i remembered this program i used to use years ago (besides msconfig, soluto, task manager and all these other fancy but garbage programs that try to do all this extra crap) called Autoruns.

Autoruns is a program that does only what it needs to and exactly what it says it can do (please bear in mind that unless you have technical know how you really shouldn't use this).

I used it in the past and this program can actually help you remove broken files that link back to an uninstalled program trying to start on boot. Why is this so important? Because most programs do not allow this. They try to do everything themselves and sometimes they miss stuff or delete something they shouldn't. This program bears everything out in front of you and lets you make decisions based on your own technical knowledge.

So if your tired of all these bloated programs that try to do everything, then Autoruns is for you.